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Environmental Policy

Date of Issue: 26 February 2016

Royce Communications recognises that its operations have an effect on the environment. We believe that we have a responsibility to conduct our business as proactive and responsible stewards of the environment and to operate business methods that provide quality and value to our customers in an environmentally sound manner.

To assist in this aim and to ensure that we achieve this policy consistently and efficiently, we operate an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and covers all our operations. As such it is our environmental policy to…

  • Meet the requirements of all applicable legislation and regulations;
  • Eliminate unnecessary use of energy and other natural resources through appropriate energy saving measures;
  • Encourage staff to minimise their use of cars as far as possible for work purposes and to consider alternatives such as public transport, car sharing, cycling and walking.
  • Reduce the need for travel by encouraging the use of available technology such as video conferencing to conduct internal meetings.
  • Where choice is available to purchase goods and materials that can be manufactured, used and disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way;
  • Where possible, to purchase goods and services locally in order to minimise the environmental impact of transportation and support the local economy;
  • Minimise the amount of waste produced and to promote better recycling of waste materials;
  • Ensure staff are aware of the potential environmental impacts of their activities;
  • Reduce the environmental effects of new developments through evaluation and planning
  • Set appropriate environmental objectives and targets to strive to improve our environmental performance;
  • Ensure this policy is communicated to all staff and contractors working on our behalf
  • Monitor our environmental management processes to ensure we are working effectively, and to revolve any issues that may be identified

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